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Collins Common Course Material
Using TC Web Mail   Using TConnect   Outlook    

R. Craig Collins


Office Hours/Map

Netiquette and Smileys 
How to: Study for a test    
My notes on D2L    My YouTube videos How I make YouTubes
Terms/Big Picture    
Microsoft Outlook YouTube  
 Windows Crash Course
(saving, selecting, zipping, or renaming; videos and screen shots)
   includes YouTube video
My Book on Operating Systems (10th ed pdf)
Creating copies or shortcuts to files    
Windows Keyboard Shortcuts    
Creating Screen Shots    
Windows Tablet Computer Input    
    Skill Upgrade: XP to Vista to Windows 7    
About Apple Macintosh    
What's New in Microsoft Office, 2010    
includes YouTube video
  Microsoft Word Crash Course Overview (pdf)
Microsoft Excel Crash Course (pdf)
  How To: Excel     Excel Glossary   Sample Budget includes YouTube video
  Excel Budget demo (Shockwave Video)    
PowerPoint Tips/Sample     PowerPoint Glossary    
PowerPoint II: Slide Master, Animation, timing    
Access Sample    
Access Tips: limit results, crosstab, parameter, etc.    
Making Web Pages    See also YouTube videos My Book  
  Numbering Systems     pdf      
  Checking for errors in HTML      
  My sample Portfolio      
About Compression      
About Bandwidth      
Hardware: Hard Disk info      
DOS Commands Paths
Windows Unix client set up
Linux Commands    Installing Ubuntu Linux      
How to Submit Labs      
Additional Material
W3C HTML Web site Downloads Downloads
My Portfolio unFREEz, free Acrobat Reader, free
Download GIMP, free Photoshop Trial Version
Ubuntu Linux Nvu, free Dreamweaver Trial Version