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See also PowerPoint and the Art of Presentations (pdf)
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Note: If there is training topic you would like to see, email R. Craig Collins at

The Technology Training Series basically answers the question:
"How can I get that on the web or in my class?"

Topics include scanning documents, basic and intermediate photo editing, video screen captures to make tutorials, HTML and Dreamweaver to make web pages, intro to Flash, and burning media to CDs.

Presented by R. Craig Collins, resident Alpha geek, and some actual campus experts, too
The Using Computers/Office Series will answer the question:
 "How can I use my software to do that?"

Topics will include Microsoft Office PowerPoint, Microsoft Office Word I (formatting and templates), Word II (teacher tips, research papers and pdf), Microsoft Office Excel intro, and other Office tools.

Presented by R. Craig Collins, resident Alpha geek, and some actual campus experts, too 
The Campus Issues Series basically answers the question:
"Who can help me with that?"

Topics may include dealing with problem students, copyright, plagiarism, ADA, smart classroom, the handbook, campus organizations, etc.

Presented by campus experts or via webinars

E-mail for topics you want to see.
The Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment Series basically answers:
"How can subject matter experts become better teachers?"

Topics will include writing objectives (for your 3 click syllabus), creating assessments (for your CATs), questioning techniques, and lesson/presentation development etc.

Presented by R. Craig Collins, who somehow earned a graduate degree from the College of Education, UNT

The D2L series, is for people wishing to learn more about Desire2Learn (D2L).
The series is presented by Mark Smith, Brian St. Amour, and/or R. Craig Collins, normally in WTC 522.
Times and specific topics to be announced. See also the eLearning tour for information on Desire2Learn (D2L)
Aside from the scheduled workshops, feel free to come to Craig's Open Lab hours, or drop by to see Brian for some one on one time.
E-mail for topics you want to make sure are covered, and check the Schedule in D2L for more info.

Microsoft Word Crash Course
Microsoft Windows Crash Course

A note of clarification: if you wish to use our optional TConnect method of recording Professional Development credit,
you must let me know before you attend your workshop or conference, so I can set it up.
Then, you must sign up in TConnect before the end of the workshop or conference.
Once I have something to show you actually attended, I process the PD item with an S for satisfactory completion.
If you sign up for something like a Zero Week workshop, but don't actually attend, you get a U for unsatisfactory completion.
Also, just signing in on a sign-in sheet will not get you into the system... I cannot add folks to TConnect rosters,
nor can I add folks after the workshop has ended.
I only use the sign-in sheet only to verify attendance. Further, I do NOT keep sign in sheets after verification in TConnect.

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