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Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment (CIA) © R. Craig Collins, 2009

The Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment series basically answers the the question: "How can subject matter experts become better teachers?"
Topics will include writing objectives, creating assessments, questioning techniques, etc.
The series is presented by R. Craig Collins, normally monthly in WTC room 522. CIA Overview
Afterward there is an "open lab" and Q&A time where anyone can come by to get help with computer and software issues, or curriculum issues

Other resources:
Best Practices in Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Project
, sponsored by the University of Houston Clear Lake, Office of Online Programs and The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board at

Who Is the Average Online College Student?

84 Tips on New Instructional Design for New Instructional Technology, by the The eLearning Guild

The Network: an online network
for career and technical professional development.
Overview video at
Info on The Network available below, from
TCCTA Messenger, December 2008
Math Icebreakers
CIA Overview
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment Intro (PowerPoint)
Join the CIA, Overview (pdf)
CIA and Bloom's Reference, and quiz
Contextual Teaching, Michael Crawford, CORD
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment I, Formative Assessment options CAT (Classroom Assessment) document
Using D2L to create MUDs and FAAs
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment I, continued Developing a Course of Study
Writing and Using Performance Objectives
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment II Course Syllabus and Unit Plan
Writing and Using Lesson Plans
Teaching Strategies
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment III Presentation Skills Oral Questioning
Presentation Skills Lecture
Presentation Skills Demonstration
Writing Cognitive Tests
Writing Performance Tests
Analyzing Tests
Curriculum-Instruction-Assessment IV Non Lecture Instructional Strategies
Online Course Quality (pdf)  





TCCTA Messenger, December 2008
p.5, under News Briefs and Links
News Briefs and Links
Faculty Driven Professional Development Now Online

TCCTA members who have not seen the new, free online resources available through The Network should have a look.

The Network is a powerful, new online resource created for the unique professional development needs of career and technical education faculty, counselors and administrators across Texas. By connecting people to people, institutions, resources and ideas, this visionary
site establishes an innovative, centrally located network of past and future professional development programs free of charge. From live training events to on-demand training modules, The Network pulls together programs from across the country in one central, easily accessible clearinghouse for professional development coordinators and faculty. TCCTA helped spearhead the program.
For an overview video, visit

The first site of its kind nationally, this Perkins-funded project was created with the help of the following partners: Austin Community College, Dallas County Community College District, Lone Star College System, Del Mar College, Midland Community College, the
Foundation for Professional Excellence in the Community College, STAR LINK, the Northeast Texas Network (NETnet), the Texas Leadership Alliance, and the Texas Collaborative for Teaching Excellence.
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