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2017 Fusion 2017 (zip)
2015 NISOD 2015, notes and appendix (pdf)
2014 NISOD 2014 Conference Notes (pdf)
a Great presentation from Sloan C on retention
D2L Fusion 2014
2013 Fusion 2013
Fusion 2013 Conference Notes (pdf)


NISOD 2012
My conference notes (pdf)
Fusion 2012
My Conference notes (pdf) Including Intelligent Agents
NISOD 2011 TC Logo

NISOD 2011
Mark. Smith & R. Craig Collins: Whole Brain Learning pdf    zip
Robbin Ray & R. Craig Collins: Zero Week pdf    pptx

New My Conference Notes (pdf)

Fusion 2011 logo

Fusion 2011
My Fusion 2011 brochure (png)

New My Conference Notes (pdf)
Includes R. Craig Collins: Lean Support

My Presentation: Did I mention that it's free? (pdf)
My Findings
My Presentation: Hat Trick, Tackling learning styles and asynchronous learning support on the web
My Findings (pdf) notes on conference sessions
Great presentation on Web 2.0 by Jeff Borden (ppt)
Fusion Fusion, Desire2Learn Conference 2009
Temple College Presentation
My Findings, pdf notes on conference sessions

Fusion Fusion, Desire2Learn Conference 2008, My Findings

CIA: My notes on Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment

CORD Research into Assessment (pdf) (local copy, pdf)

My Notes on North Texas Regional Community College Technology Forum, 10/27/04
   Teleconference: My Notes Pedagogy 101 for Distance Learning, 2/24/05
My Notes on League of Innovation Conference on Information Technology, 10/23,05

Tech Prep Consortium Articulation Summit, 4/12/05
   Teleconference: Pedagogy 102 for Distance Learning, 4/21/05
   Teleconference: My Notes Pedagogy 201 for Distance Learning, 9/29/05

My Notes on 2008 NISOD