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Travel Score Card © R. Craig Collins, 2005/2023

50 States + DC visited, 41* Foreign Flags visited, and most of the top 50 cities in the US visited (maps below)

Foreign Flags visited (travel-blogs here) 41 countries, including the UK and EU... Argentina and Morocco soon; maps below
Visited Flags

Map of Europe
Rabat, Morocco, Africa

Asia and Australia
Map of Asia  Argentina, South America

Not shown: Mexico and Canada;
*Note: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are currently part of Great Britain, but counting as are considered separate countries/flags

Next: Greece

Short list of places to Visit:
Florence/San Morino;Venice;
finish Europe Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Moldova

Not sure about
St. Petersburg; Moscow; Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus


US States: 50 +DC visited,

US States Visited

States yet to visit:
Alaska, Hawai'i

US City Travel Details

US Cities Visited

50 Largest US Cities, the ones we have Not yet visited:
37	Fresno, Calif.		not yet
44	Omaha, Neb. 	    not yet
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