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Resources Topics/Lessons
Text Book Cover
10th Edition
HTML and the Art of the Web Page

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(Online pdf version may not be printed using any TC resources)
Overview 01: Syllabus, Orientation
Overview 02: Background info
Overview 03: HTML Tags; Lab 1 due
Overview 04: Links; Lab 2 due
Overview 05: Folder paths, Review; Lab 3 due
Overview 06: Colors, Test 1
Overview 07: Fonts. Graphics; Lab 4 due
  Overview 08: Tables, Review; Lab 5 due
The book contains the class material...
Overview 09: Tables, Test 2; Lab 6 due
Calendars and online material are now via D2L Overview 10: Frames; Lab 7 due
  Overview 11: Forms; Lab 8 due
  Overview 12: ftp, Styles; Lab 9 due
  Overview 13: Future Issues, CSS
  Overview 14: Catch Up, Review
  Overview 15: Test 3; Lab 10 due
  Overview 16: Final Exam
R. Craig Collins

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