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Central Texas Album © R. Craig Collins, 2005/18

Around the house Spring 2016/8: Front yard, then Back yard and the "Farm", then Pictures of Central Texas at the bottom


Front yard

Front yard


Front yard

Front yard

Front yard

Back yard




Big Garden



Pictures of Central Texas

Blue Bonnets, March 2011
Bluebonnets... Click the image above to see a gallery of flowers near and around my house ©March, 2011

Firey Sunrise, (c) 2007
Sunset, after the wind storm, September 2010

Firey Sunrise, (c) 2007
Firey Sunrise, September, 2007

Texas Snow, Easter, 2007

Sunrise, Cloud cover Afire, January 2007

Electric Sunset
Electric Sunset

Hidden Cove
Lake Waco from Hidden Cove

Wild flowers by an old fence

Wild Flowers
Indian Paintbrush and Bluebonnets on a hill

Indian Paintbrush
Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush

The Waco place...

Ranch across the road
The horse ranch across the highway

Foggy Morning

Confluence of the Brazos and Bosque rivers, about 1 mile from my house

A quiet part of the Riverwalk, looking southeast to the Washington Street Bridge, with Downtown in the background

Suspension Bridge
The Suspension Bridge, from the Downtown side looking toward Indian Spring Park

Area map

City Map