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Works in progress © R. Craig Collins, 2015

Untitled 1
We spend a third of time in toil
Another third of time asleep
Our time to raise and eat remains
Perhaps our paths cross while dreams deep

Untitled 2
Sometimes I don’t know what to say
Words evade my mental powers
But sometimes that’s almost okay
I could just gaze at you for hours

If you’re close, I become aware
… satisfies my soul, calms my nerves
Just knowing you are really there
Allows communing, without words

Breeze in your hair, a smiling face
Subtlety exchanging glances
breathing together, sharing space
Pooling these  experiences

One day soon, I’ll get up the nerves
though the words may lack inflection
if it turns out you need no verbs…
 I’ll  gaze in your direction