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Prism © R. Craig Collins, 1998, 2005/6



Violet to lilac, cobalt blue
Purple has a swirling, variable hue
some days light, some times deep
the impulse in the sunrise
the comfort in my sleep

Burgundy to maroon, glistening plum red
Purple sometimes takes a richer shift instead
In liquids that tend to rush by flood
from wines sweet alluring call
to the sad farewell by blood

Worn by masters presiding over man
a purple robe was the mark of Caesars roman
regal power since defined in cloth weave
good times, empty times
a full range of passion can a sovereign leave

An attracting color soothing to see
purple can become much more to me
the color of smiles oft enigmatic
purple invokes some mystery
and desire to discover emphatic

Hope of sky, and substance of man
into each other these colors have ran
forming perceptions continually changing
endless variations to explore
and always amazing