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Mother's Day © R. Craig Collins, 1994, 2007

She holds her temper,
when Dad's,
and the milk,
cannot be held.

She cares for the troop
when Dad's too tired,
or busy;

yet she's never too tired,
or busy...

even when she is.

She bears the brunt of a late education,
that garners praise for her mate;
for doing what he should have done
    years ago,
     like she did,


Yet she comforts them, the child and the childish,
with little repayment;
except for that tiny DAY
on which she is so briefly
given a small bit of her due,

and cards.

Who could believe this new form of equality?
Oh, how can scant seconds
repay a lifetime of giving,
and giving of life, of love?

They cannot...unless Mother's day

is everyday.

That's as it should be,
and as we will try to keep

from now on