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Mother's Day © R. Craig Collins, 1991, 2008

Susann and Gracie

Motherhood (looks good on you)

As you played with Grace and Diane

Oh, it was just the other day

I noticed something different

Yet, what it was, I could not say


I studied your glowing gold hair

caught the sea-scape in your blue eyes

heard the music of your laughter

saw the smile which soothed their cries


I saw your figure, still so petite

as I watched you move; then I knew

you seemed so alive and happy

Motherhood looks very good on you


You have a glow, more beautiful

than even on the day of our vow

those little souls completed you

you are even more perfect now


I know I love you more, Susann

than any other man could hope

I try to keep our love so new,

without you I could not cope


But I am just a man, my love

and my attempts often fall short

our time together is limited

I hope I'm not lacking effort


You make me feel so wonderful

you always give so of yourself

I've got a lot of catching up

to fully repay all this wealth


But I hope that just a small part

of your happiness is from me

that yes, I have earned, perhaps

a small part of that smile I see


But I will have to realize

in spite of all I'll ever do

who brings you a large chunk of joy

yes, motherhood looks good on you



Photo and poem from
also published in
UTEP Honors Magazine
R. Craig Collins, Editor