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Lyceum © R. Craig Collins, 1996, 2005/6


For Parents

If I were King of the world

There's so much I would try to do...

To make it such a better place,

especially for those like you.

A place to protect the flowers,

and feed the hungry little babes;

where wonder hasn't left us yet,

and only water rides the waves.

Where only floating clouds, and rain,

occupy the sapphire blue sky...

across the greening lands we'd see

only beauty could multiply.

I would want a place of learning,

where art is never ignored;

a place that can't be touched by war,

and weapons need not be stored.

I'd want a place for all the souls

to share and grow, to laugh and live;

a place like you have given our kids,

a place that has so much to give.

Perhaps others, one day will learn,

how to make growing places too,

and perhaps it will be because,

our children have learned it...from you.