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Fable © R. Craig Collins, 1999, 2005/6

The Eucalyptus Fable

The monsoon crept in,
blown from the sea
so the kookaburra sought shelter
in a Eucalyptus tree.

She shook her feathers dry
then sang her song so sweet;
a voice whispered out
'your laugh is music, positively a treat.'

She looked about
The Eucalyptus tree
she had trouble seeing--
who could it be?

Then she spied a koala
hiding, ready to flee;
'Thank you for your kind words,
won't you please join me?'
The scruffy koala replied "I don't think I am supposed to, we are quite different. My entire life is in these trees, and you, well, you can fly about, going here and there."

The kookaburra quietly replied, "True, but I don't always fly. There are times when I spend time in a tree, just as you."

"And there are times when I scamper about" continued the koala, "at least for a short while. Perhaps we can talk. I would like that."

The koala drew the kookaburra close, to shelter her from the wind, and she gently smoothed his fur, where he could not reach. They talked of all their adventures, all of their dreams. Some were very close, but of course some were very different. But they enjoyed it all thoroughly. At length, the sun began to melt away the rain, warm the sky, and stir the heart of the kookaburra. "It is time to go", she whispered. "I know", whispered the koala. "Perhaps you may rest in this tree again sometime, when your travels bring you close." "I think I shall, but I can't promise when; but even from afar I will always be able to see your tree..." "And even at a distance I will always be able to hear your song..."

The kookaburra flew off, not of spite, but because of her nature. But koala did think that she might have looked back as she gracefully climbed into the sky.

The koala longed to fly away too, watching the light glisten off her bright wings, but he knew that wasn't nature's plan. But he was very glad for that time together, and cherished every wonderful visit from her that followed. And, of course, he took flying lessons just in case she ever asked him to join her for a short trip...