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Desert Sunset © R. Craig Collins, 2001, 2005/6

The clouds are seeming lost again
Over the mesa, the last rays slip 'way
The shadows are growing stronger
'Tis again the end of a desert day

The wind swirls settle to the dunes
the tumbleweeds slow and gather again
they huddle near the earth spirit
by the fire just started by the old man

High wisps of white capture the light
drawn from the sun and the earth spirits fire
Blooms of pink are drawn to deep blue
The colors absorbed as they rise higher

Seeing the fire, waving him on
The sun nods off, across the horizon
The sky wraps up in purple black
As the bright stars turn their twinkling lights on

Mesas succumb to flowing night
Whispers of embers in clouds fade away
While the old warrior looks on
To the passing of yet another day

At last the darkness fills the mind
And sleep takes the man brave back to his youth
Where he danced from dark until light
While the sun creeps back to reveal his truth

The fire's hue now back to the sun
as embers fade, the sun returns again
dark night colors retreat with stars
releasing a blazing wash on the plain

Played out the exchanging colors
as the cycle of sunset and sunrise
gives o'er strength to the earth spirit
the old warrior, the watcher most wise

Digital Desert by R. Craig Collins

Digital Desert by R. Craig Collins

Digital Desert by R. Craig Collins

Digital Desert by R. Craig Collins