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Valentine's Day © R. Craig Collins, 1995, 2007

You amaze me

After all these wonderful years,
is it six already?
I'm still just getting to know you
But I do know, you amaze me.

I don't know how the passing years
seem to bless your beauty;
a touch of gray not withstanding,
Your callow looks still do amaze me.

Your loving touch has yet to fade
kiss so passionately...
You fill my soul with true bliss,
Your sweet love does amaze me.

Your talents are in motherhood,
you adore Di and Gracie...
the way you help out all three ‘kids’:
your nurturing has amazed me.

You make everything you touch best,
working unselfishly
to improve your part of the world,
Your compassion amazes me.

I love you so, dearest Susann,
you have set my mind free.
You're making me more than I was,
your sacrifices amaze me.

And when I am done at school,
no books or tuition fee,
I hope I can repay your loving,
and perhaps, I might just amaze thee...

For my wife on Valentine's day,