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How To: Camtasia © R. Craig Collins, 2008

To download a trial version of Camtasia, visit http://www.techsmith.com/download/camtasiatrial.asp

Getting Started tutorial from Camtasia

Camtasia Start Up

Camtasia Learning Center

Video Tutorials for Camtasia



Always get your system set up and ready to go before starting Camtasia... have what you want to record ready to go.

Camtasia Tutorial If you have used an older version of Camtasia, you may wish to watch a video on the new version... if you may wish to watch it later, choose
[]Show tip again
before closing the window.

Recorder Settings
Camtasia Start up

I suggest recording video first, then adding audio.
So, I turn off the Microphone.

If you do not have a microphone, turn off the selection or the recording will fail.

Select area to record.

You can select full screen, a single window, or part of a window with the cursor.

I recommend either doing full screen, or scaling your window to 640x480.


Project Settings
Camtasia Project types

Normally you will select Web as your dimensions.
If you chose to record full screen, this setting will shrink the video to fit in a 640x480 window.

To avoid everything being small, you may want to use the automatic pan and zoom feature, Smart Focus, to make what you are working on larger in the video

Smart focus will not work if the video captured is smaller than the output window... so if you record something 200x200, and use the web dimensions of 640x480, there is no way to pan.

Either use the record button to start, or click [F9].

Either use the stop button to end the recording, or click [F10]

You will be shown the video captured, you may save or delete.

If you save, it will get the .camrec extension

Camtasia work area

Camtasia side bar

  1. Add box and Timeline
    1. Drag the time marker

      back and forth to view parts of the video (this is called scrubbing), or click the Play button under the preview.
    2. Your video can be split into scenes: you can delete a scene from the movie, or add title slides or other media between the two scenes.
      1. If you wish to remove part of the video, place the time marker at the start point of what you wish to remove, and choose Split
        Camtasia Split.
        Place your marker at the end point of what you wish to remove, and again, Split.
        Click the scene created, and hit your delete key.
      2. If you would like to add something in the middle of your video, place the market at that point, and Split.
        You may insert titles, or other media
    3. The titles are created using Titles clips...
      Click Finish when done, then drag from the clip bin to the proper location in the timeline, between two scenes, in front of a scene, or after a scene.
      Titles time duration can be changed by click the title on the timeline, then dragging an edge to the left or right
    4. You may also Import media... then drag to the proper location, as above.
  2. Edit box
    1. Callouts... are pointers (with text if you like), that appears over the video to add emphasis.
      Place marker at appropriate place in video
      Choose Callouts...
      To create, click [+]
      Click Finish when done.
      You may change the duration by selecting the edge of the callout on the timeline, and dragging the edge left or right
    2. Transitions... control how a scene appears
      More about this in Video Editing
  3. File\Save Project as...
    To save changes and additions made to video
    1. .camproj extension added to filename
  4. Produce
    1. Produce Video as... Web option creates a web page the web deliverable video shows in

Produce the Video
Produce Project