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How To: CamStudio © R. Craig Collins, 2008

To download Camstudio free, visit http://camstudio.org/ and scroll down to Download links or go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/camstudio/

Cam Studio

Things to set before clicking record Record:

  • Click the SWF button to toggle between AVI or SWF
    AVI can be edited later, using Movie Maker
    SWF creates a web page to display the video

  • Click the Region Menu to get full screen, or to select a region
  • Click Options to turn on or off audio recording,
    toggle hiding or showing the cursor...
    I recommend against autopan unless you have a lot of experience... the system tries to follow the action too closely zooming in on the wrong items

  • It is possible to create screen annotations, but these must be done in advance... I recommend using CamStudio simply to capture your screen work, then edit in an external program, such as Movie Maker or Camtasia, if desired.

  • Once you finish recording Stop Recording, you will be prompted to save the file.